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At Peak Kinetic Pitching and Hitting, we are passionate about developing hitters and maximizing their potential in the Chattanooga area. The traditional ways of training hitters are outdated and need to be brought up with the rest of the sport. To hit at a high level, the athlete must be challenged in the way they train and our job as professionals is to bridge that gap. The reason we have been successful in helping hitters exceed their goals is because of our unique process to attacking areas of concern.

Our Hitting Process:

  1. Individual Hitting Assessments:
    1. Our hitting instructors have developed an assessment specific to each athlete.
    2. We use cutting edge technology to assess how each hitter excels, but also may be lacking leading to less power off the bat.
    3. Through this assessment, each athlete has their own specific hitting program
  2. Specific to the Hitter Programs:
    1. We do not believe in a cookie cutter hitting program. Each hitter is built differently and has developed differently. Because of this, our hitting professionals provide programs specifically to the hitter and what their goals are.
  3. Areas We Address:
    1. Mechanical Improvement
    2. Bat Speed/Exit Velocity Gains
    3. Bat to Ball Training
    4. Swing Decision Training
    5. Mental Training

Boost your baseball hitting with Peak Kinetic in Chattanooga! Get a custom plan that’s right for you, using the latest tech. Come in for a first check-up and see why we’re the best at teaching baseball hitting in Chattanooga.

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