Baseball Sports Performance Training

The Best Baseball Sports Performance Training in Chattanooga
Baseball Sports Performance Training In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our sports performance training for rotational athletes is the top-tier program in the Chattanooga Surrounding area. We have the data and results to back everything we present. Our athletes have seen these due to our individual assessments and goal-setting where we focus on:


Our athlete training focuses on strength & power development specific to the athlete’s sport. First, we focus on developing a solid foundation of strength & building body armor to decrease the likelihood of injury. Then, we concentrate on producing that strength at high speeds (Power) in multiple planes. Finally, we teach our athletes how to produce that power repeatedly through various conditioning methods.


Our athlete training focuses on postural development through soft tissue work, mobility drills, breathing exercises, and proper selection. Being able to move efficiently allows athletes to express their true power, increase work capacity, and decrease the likelihood of injury.


Our athlete training will not just have athletes looking good in warm-ups. Speed & agility development is the bridge from the weight room to the field or court. We pride ourselves on using the best methods to transfer to the sport and genuinely have our athletes perform at their highest level in competition.


Our main goal at PKP is to reduce the likelihood of injury for our athletes. Our assessment process is critical to injury reduction. Our primary focus is shoulder and lower back health in our athletes. In addition, we teach our athletes how to manage themselves off the court or field properly using different recovery methods to aid in injury prevention.

Enroll in the best Baseball Sports Performance Training in Chattanooga today and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential on the field. Let us help you achieve your dreams and set new standards in your baseball career!

What do people say about us?

  • Working out at PKP has been game changing. The workouts have eliminated my lower back pain and shoulder pain. I’ve never felt more agile and loose on the mound and the velocity comes easy now. The proof is in the results.

    Cade Fisher
    Florida Gators
  • I gained about 30 pounds, increased exit velocity by I’m 10-15 MPH, tripled my home-runs, and knocked close to three tenths off my 60 yd dash.

    Graham Pauley
    Top 12 Prospect
    San Diego Padres
  • For the last two off-seasons I have stuck in the same training rut as the Chattanooga area has always lacked a facility for elite athletic training. Through G’s assessment process we were able to find deficiencies that were hindering me from performing at my highest level. He created a program built specifically for me that has unlocked strength and abilities that I didn’t know I had. The competitive and encouraging environment at PKP is second to none. I have found my home for the off-seasons to come.

    Nic Gaddis
    Mets Organization

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