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The Best Football Sports Performance Training in Chattanooga
Football Sports Performance Training In Tunnel Hill, Georgia

At Peak Kinetic Performance, we provide a service that cannot be matched in the Chattanooga surrounding area for football athletes. Football sports performance training is a dynamic and integral component of athlete development.

Our commitment to excellence includes prioritization of a comprehensive approach that includes the following:

1. Strength and Conditioning
2. Speed and Agility
3. Skill Development
4. Injury Prevention

We as coaches understand the unique demands of football and tailor training programs to enhance players’ overall performance on the field. These programs often incorporate cutting-edge equipment, personalized workout regimens, and sport-specific drills to optimize athletes’ physical attributes and football-specific skills.

The emphasis on injury prevention is paramount, as athletes engage in targeted exercises to enhance durability and reduce the risk of common football-related injuries. Outside of the sports performance training, PKP’s goal is to incorporate dedication, discipline, and achievement in the pursuit of athletic excellence into the athlete’s DNA.

Have a plan. Trust the process. See the Results.

What do people say about us?

  • When I got back from the combine I decided to workout at PKP and trusted Gannon to help me get into shape so that I could hit the ground running after draft weekend. After working out with Gannon for a brief period, I gained muscle mass and my body fat percentage decreased. My conditioning went to whole new level. I definitely made the right choice and will continue to work out at PKP!”

    Cole Strange
    1st Round Pick
    New England Patriots
  • His (Coach Gannon) creativity is ingenious. He knows the body and he incorporates specific detail oriented programs/workouts specific to enhance the performance of the athlete. I call him the great chemist because in his lab cooking up functional movements and patterns that allow athletes to perform at their best when they transition into their sport. What’s also unique is his recovery program that most trainers these days miss.

    Justice Haynes
    Running Back-University of Alabama

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