Cole Wilcox

Cole Wilcox Coach of Sports Training In Tunnel Hill Near Me

Hometown: Catoosa County, GA

Education: Attended the University of Georgia

Background: Coach Cole Wilcox is a co-founder in Peak Kinetic Pitching. He brought an enormous amount of experience and knowledge for our Pitching Instruction.

Cole graduated from Heritage High school in 2018. From there he played for the University of Georgia baseball program, where he was one of their main starting pitchers during his 2019-2020 stint. After UGA, Cole was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 3rd round of the 2020 Draft. Cole had a short stint at the Padres as he was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays and still is in the pitching rotation for the Rays Minor League organization

Cole brings a lot of Big League experience and is constantly working towards developing pitchers to go to the next level.