Sports Performance Training

  • Pitcher’s Paradise: Baseball pitchers this is a 12-week program that focuses on throwing velocity and creating a shoulder that is built to last. We have helped tons of pitchers add anywhere from 6mph-12mph+ with this program. Not only will you throw harder, you will throw harder for longer. Pitcher’s velocity typically drops off as the game goes on, not with Pitcher’s Paradise. Tired of countless “arm care” programs that do not work? We do a full assessment of the shoulder and give you the exercises to increase scapular stability and maintain a healthy shoulder throughout the year. If you are serious about pitching at the next level, our program will get you there.
  • Speed Kills: Our 6-week program focusing on linear speed. The program is 4 days a week, 2 days of linear acceleration and 2 days of top end speed. Sports are only getting faster. Speed is the focus, and we can help you achieve that speed. We use bullet proof methods to really get the most out of your speed work every day. Follow this program and allow speed to take you to the next level.
  • Individual Programs: Our most recommended program. This program is going to be specific to you and your goals. We take a needs analysis of your sport that will make you dominant and we attack those needs head on. This program starts with a full video analysis assessment to make sure you are in prime positions to perform. We look at posture and biomechanics through our assessment. Everyone is built different and needs to train differently based off genetics and their goals. We write this program based off your equipment, time, and energy. It is fully catered to YOU!

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