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Peak Kinetic Pitching Programs offers a different approach of addressing the key factors that the college and pro scouts are assessing. We are providing the Chattanooga surrounding area with a program that has not yet been offered. PK Pitching Instructors believe in long term training for true development. These are real lasting results that will make an impact on a player’s career.

The typical pitching process looks like so:

  1. Areas of Focus:
    a. Injury Prevention
    b. Healthy, Lasting Velocity Improvement
    c. Workload Monitoring
    d. Pitch Selection Programming
  2. Full Mechanical Assessment
    a. Specific Assessment that is tailored to each individual pitcher
    b. Best technology in the business to help us understand each pitcher better
    c. Checking the boxes that matter when it comes to developing as a pitcher
  3. Individual Pitching Programs:
    a. Pitching programs developed for the individual because not all athletes are trained the same
    b. No “one size fits all” programs
    c. We use our assessment as a guide to tackle areas of improvement based off the pitcher’s goals

Transform your pitching career with Peak Kinetic in Chattanooga! Our tailored programs focus on injury prevention, velocity improvement, and personalized training. Visit us for top-notch pitching development and make a lasting impact in your game.

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