Gannon Hampton

Gannon Hampton Coach of Sports Performance Training In Chattanooga Near Me

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Education: B.S. Exercise Science, Kennesaw State University

Background: Coach Gannon has almost 10 years of experience in the field working with MLB All-Stars to NFL 1st Rounders. Gannon really wanted to be well rounded in his training approach so he bounced around Atlanta seeking the best knowledge in the area. He worked in the exercise physiology lab at Kennesaw State, coached at the best private sector sports performance facilities, and assisted Jim Kiritsy at Kennesaw State University as a football strength and conditioning coach. This experience helped him understand how to interpret/apply research, learn to individualize programming based on the athlete and sport, and how to manage a large group of athletes while keeping the intent high. Coach Gannon has always been very passionate about sports as he played football, baseball and wrestled growing up. His main sport was football where he was a consensus 1st team all-state selection at Ridgeland High School in 2012. He continued his football career at Carson-Newman University, and finished college at Kennesaw State University.