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Gannon and John Hampton

Coach Gannon and John fell in love with the grind of being in the weight room at a young age. The dream of one day opening their own gym started when John was 15 and Gannon was 13. That dream was tossed around for years while John built on his business background and Gannon gained his knowledge of strength and conditioning. Little did they know that everything they had done and been through prior to 2019 would lead to the start of Peak Kinetic Performance. PKP started as an online strength and conditioning that used a third party app to help clients stuck at home during the COVID-19 shutdown. One thing let to another and the business started to grow to the point where they were able to open a brick and mortar location in the hometown of Chattanooga, TN. We started PKP to add value to people’s health and nutrition, and we pursue that goal every morning we wake up. Value over everything.


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